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Kynar Cable - HMWPE/PVDF

Monday, 14 May 2018 00:00


  • Description & Features

BORNA Godaz company has proceeded for supplying kynar (HMWPE/PVDF) cable with high quality and reasonable cost as the largest manufacturer of cathodic protection anodes in different shapes and accessories in Iran. This activity has begun in our company in order to complete cathodic protection products and solving of corrosion protection industry problems in the country, due to the lack of reliable HMWPE / PVDF cable in Iran. The inner layer or the primary insulation is composed of KYNAR, a flouropolymer material that has exceptional chemical resistance in the present of chlorine, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. Also, the outer insulating layer is high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE). This material as a single conductor cathodic protection cable exhibits superior dielectric and tensile strength and provides mechanical protection and can withstand corrosive gases and brackish water conditions during installation and performance. It should be noted that these cables have excellent resistance to environments containing of chloride ions , H2S gas as sour gas, oxygen and chlorine gases.

  • Application:

KYNAR/HMWPE cables are used as deep anode lead wires where chlorine and hydrogen gases are generated. The cable can be directly installed in fresh, brackish, or salt waters. Also, it is used for direct earth burial DC feeder cable for cathodic protection systems, tanks, pipelines, wells, ocean vessels, and metal structures buried or water submerged.

  • Standards:

Construction of this cable must be conformed to ASTM Spec B-3 , B-8 and ASTM Spec D1248.

Specification of Different types of Kynar cables

Tinned annealed copperConductors
PVDF Fluoropolymer (Radiation cross linked polyvinyldene fluoride)Insulation
HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyolefin) to ASTM Spec D-1248Sheath/Jacket
600 – 1000 VVoltage
Maximum 150°C, minimum bending minus -15°COperating temperature
10m x OD of cableMinimum bending radius


Dimensions and weights of standard cables with different sizes

Weight Kg/kmNominal Overall Diameter(mm)RT of sheath mm))Diameter over Core (mm)RT of Insulation mm))Maximum Diameter of Conductor (mm)




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BORNA Godaz Company was established on the path of development of BORNA Electronic activities in the field of cathodic protection in 2004. ...



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