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borna godaz

manufacturer of cathodic protection anodes


In the name of the unique God


I am proud of gathering professional cathodic protection engineers and experts to offer entirely professional products according to the internationalstandardsto the domestic and international markets.So,I define the goals of BornaGodaz Company along increasing quality of products,greatercustomersatisfaction,localization of the high technology products,promoting technical power of domestic producers and confronting international sanctions imposed by enemies ofour nation as follows:

1.Understanding customer demands to get customer satisfaction more than ever.

2.Considering human resources and promoting them by education.

3.Producing durable products with the lowest cost.

4.Designing new products according to the demands of customers.

5.Entering to the global markets by export.

Since the products of this company ,specially different anodes used in cathodic protection system are entirely professional products ,which their tests and the quality control of them requires special knowledge,experience and special equipments ,according to the national and international standards(IPS,NACE,ASTM,DNV,BS,…). BornaGodaz Company has attempted to offer tested products according to the standards and get Excellent position in comparison with the same types of Iranian and foreign products,throughequippingthe quality control lab. Type text or a website address or translate a document.


Did you mean: در مقایسه با انواع مشاب

On this lines ,the company has ISO 9001:2008 certificate in production of cathodic protection products bylaunching the Quality Management System and also it has certificate of product test from ACS&ICS&GL by launching production standard of sacrificialanodes. Various certificates that have been received from different national and international institutes , confirm thehigh quality products of the company.

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Did you mean: در پایAt the end, I would like to invite all experts in the field of cathodic protection to help us by their appropriate suggestions for the improvement of national producers such as BornaGodaz to give better services.


BornaGodaz CEO

Sayed Majid Mirghafourian


Contact us

Tehran Province, Shamsabad Industrial City, Golbarg Number 2


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BORNA Godaz Company was established on the path of development of BORNA Electronic activities in the field of cathodic protection in 2004. ...



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