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borna godaz

manufacturer of cathodic protection anodes


Laboratory Facilities

The apparatuses and equipment of corrosion laboratory consists of the following:

1. Optical Emission Spectrometry

2. DC Power Supply

3. Oven

4. Variety of Furnaces

5. pH Meter

6. Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate

7. Variety of Reference Electrodes (SCE, Ag/AgCl/3M KCl, Cu/CuSO4, Zn, Ag/AgCl/Seawater)

8. Digital Multimeters

9. Thermometer

10. Digital Moisture Meter and Thermometer

11. Infrared Thermometer

12. Analytical Balances with 0.1 to 0.0001 g Sensitivity

13. Test Sieves

14. Metal Thickness Gauges

15. Cross Hatch Adhesion Cutter

16. Experimental Cells of Sacrificial Anodes

17. Soil Box

18. Ruler, Tape Meter, Vernier Caliper and Micrometer Caliper

19. Laboratory Glassware (Beakers, Erlenmeyer Flasks, Graduated Cylinders, Pipettes, Reagent Bottles with Screw, …)

20. Variety of Salts, Acids and other Consumables

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Tehran Province, Shamsabad Industrial City, Golbarg Number 2


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BORNA Godaz Company was established on the path of development of BORNA Electronic activities in the field of cathodic protection in 2004. ...



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