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borna godaz

manufacturer of cathodic protection anodes


Water Treatment Industries

With concerns about the environment on the rise the control on waste water, specifically from industry, is under much more stringent control. With the demand for cleaner water that is discharged into the environment, more effective water treatment is now necessary. We, at Bornagodaz, respond to those needs by supplying our customers with Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) anode that perform efficiently in the application of electrochemical waste water treatment. Not only are MMO anodes used in industrial waste water treatment, but they are also used in applications such as process water treatment, the treatment of potable water, water disinfection (for use in the food industry) and extreme water disinfection for the supply of ultra-pure water.


MMO anodes are also used in numerous Electrolytic Organic Destruction (EOD) systems, which offer an alternative to other conventional industrial wastewater and process water treatment methods. EOD’s are also known to reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand, COD (a measure of the amount of organic compounds in water), and Biological Oxygen Demand, BOD (amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic biological organisms in a body of water). Furthermore, other applications making use of MMO anodes involve the treatment of waste water containing inorganic contaminants, such as cyanide and nitrates.


MMO anodes are also used for Sodium Hypochlorite Production. The sodium hypochlorite can be obtained by electrolysis salt solution. The sodium hypochlorite has been widely used to disinfect drinking water, sanitary wares, dish wares, fruits and vegetables. Due to the simple facility and obvious disinfection effects; the hypochlorite generator has been extensively valued. Sodium hypochlorite generator is a device that the salt water of low concentration is electrolyzed by electrodes, electrochemical reaction happens and it generates sodium hypochlorite finally. we are very professional and skilled manufacturer of MMO anodes for sodium hypochlorite generator. Here gives an example of electrolytic cell and MMO anode.


Water Treatment Industry 2


According to the practical requirements, the MMO anodes are changeable. The various anodes manufactured by Bornagodaz and used in these processes and systems are very often designed and developed together with our customers. We strive to ensure that our anode coating formulations and coating loadings are efficient and effective for any application.

Metal Electrowinning Industries

Electrowinning is a means by which the metals from waste water streams are recovered in order for these metals to be re-used or sold. In the electrowinning industry, lead dioxide anode and Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) anode are the two common choices. However, the lead dioxide anode is found of these disadvantages: heavy environmental pollution, high energy consumption, fragile, lead waste, hardly to produce into various shapes, coating is easily to drop off. With environmental concerns increasing and pollution stringent control, MMO anodes become widely used in the metal electrowinning industry since this MMO anode for metal electrowinning offer a cleaner alternative and significant power savings over lead dioxide anode.


This MMO anodes are exclusively used in the metal recovery system. The system is composed of MMO anodes that are immersed in a fluidized bed of non-conducting particles (inert glass beads). The metal recovery system is used for the efficient recovery of metals from dilute solutions where conventional electrolysis cannot be considered.


The metals that can be recovered by this method are copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn) and cobalt (Co), and used in the recovery of cyanide-based electrolytes of gold (Au), silver (Ag), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn) and cadmium (Cd)- cyanide is electrochemically destroyed, due to the enhanced anode efficiency. Different metals plate out at different voltages so application if the different voltages will allow all metals to be recovered from a mixed metal effluent.


Bornagodaz manufactures MMO anode which have gained acceptance in the Metal Electrowinning Industry. Bornagodaz is able to supply MMO anodes and the recoating and repair service for anodes used for this industry.

Chloralkali Industries

Bornagodaz is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) anodes for use in the production of Sodium Chlorate and Potassium Chlorate, both of which are used extensively in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional bleaching processes.


Sodium chlorate is a salt that is primarily used in the manufacture of chlorine dioxide, an environmentally friendly bleaching agent that is used in the pulp and paper bleaching process. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is used as a substitute for Cl2, which reduces the amount of chlorinated organic compounds in bleaching effluents, hence the reason it has been dubbed “environmentally friendly”. The production of sodium chlorate has turned into a major chemical industry with more than 2-3 million tons being produced worldwide per year, the vast majority of which, ≈ 90%, is used to produce chlorine dioxide for the pulp and paper bleaching industry.


The anodic and cathodic reactions are the same in chlorate production as in hypochlorite (bleach) production. Room temperature, basic (alkaline), dilute hydroxide solutions yield mostly hypochlorite, and hence the hydroxide that is used must be hot, concentrated and more acidic when chlorine gas is bubbled through it for the production of chlorates of a higher oxidation state.


Bornagodaz continuously strives to improve on all of our current anode coatings and is committed to the development of newer anode coatings that are able increase the efficiency of chlorate production, reduce the operating costs, are able to operate at significantly higher current densities and exhibit longer design lives.

Electroplating Industries

Electroplating is a process whereby a coating is deposited onto a substrate by passing a DC current between the anode and the cathode. The metal that is to be plated is dissolved in the electrolyte (carefully chosen to ensure anode passivation does not occur). The anode is anodically polarised and the cathode (the component to be electroplated) is cathodically polarised. This forms a closed cell. Anode performance is of considerable importance in realising the success of the electroplating industry.


Bornagodaz manufactures Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) anode for use in various applications where the electroplating of a wide range of metals is necessary. The use of stainless steel anodes, although relatively inexpensive produce iron oxide (rust) as a by-product of anodic passivation and the use of graphite anodes results in an increasing inter-electrode gap as the anode dissolves meaning voltage and product quality do not remain constant.


The advantage that this MMO anode has over the two previous anode types and lead anodes is that the risk of additional toxic or hazardous substances being introduced into the electroplating line is eliminated, eradicating costs that arise from the removal of hazardous substances. It is also environmentally friendly and the fact that the inter-electrode gap remains constant throughout the design life of the anode means that the MMO anode maintain constant voltage and product quality. Oxygen-evolving MMO anode has lower anodic operating potentials and use of this anode yields the additional advantage of the ability to re-use the anode. Once the anode has reached the end of its design life the necessary repairs can be made, the anode can be cleaned and then re-coated.


Bornagodaz MMO anodes are extensively used in the electroplating of products from jewellery, to steel strip plating, to platinum plating and much more. We offer anodes for electroplating in various shapes and sizes suited to the application you.

MMO Anodes

MMO ANodes ( Mixed Metal Oxide Anode )

MMO anodes are made up of two parts of base metal and coating. Titanium is used as a base metal because of required properties to absorb coating in order to stand against aggressive chemical environments. Also, it is suitable for flow transfer. Other advantages of titanium are its use in various shapes, including pipe, ribbon, wire, mesh and plate.
Coating of MMO anodes is very thin layer (few microns) so that it can be applied on the base metal in a variety of ways. Depending on the application, this coating can be a combination of two or more metal oxides such as oxides of iridium, tantalum, ruthenium and titanium

mmo cross section 

Cross section of MMO Anodes


the additional potential for releasing chlorine and anodic oxygen decreases significantly By applying this coating as an activating agent, since Catalytic coating of MMO anode produces a slight resistance for anode which causes to lower consumption rate by considering the life time of anode. MMO anodes have a very low consumption rate of less than 1 mg / A.Year depending on environmental conditions and application.


Microscopic structure of coating of MMO anodes


The maximum output current density and lifetime of MMO anodes in differnet environmental conditions are as follows:

Environmental conditions

maximum output current density


Life Time


Carbon backfill 50 25
petroleum coke 100 25
freash water 100 25
saline water 300-100 25
sea water 600 25


heat treatment furnace of MMO anodes



generally, MMO anodes have the following benefits:
• Easy to use
• Possibility of manufacturing anodes with different shapes
Easy to Handle and Install
• Light weight
• High Output current
• Long lifetime of anode in very high current density
• Dimensional stability
• Ability to renewing of anode coating
• Reliability
These anodes are used in imperessed current cathodic protection systems in order to prevent corrosion of metal structures. The most common application of these anodes is the maintenance and repairment of some structures such as bridges, marine structures, offshore platforms, storage tanks, buried pipelines in soil or immersed in

.water and concrete structures



sample of cathodic protection mmo anodes in BORNA Godaz company


:The most common shapes of cathodic protection MMO anodes in bronagodaz are as follows

  • Tubular MMO anodes

.Tubular MMO anodes are used for cathodic protection of buried metal structures in soil (directly or together with carbon backfill) or immersed in water




Sample of BORNA Godaz tubular mmo anodes


Titanium substrate of These anodes are based on the requirements according to ASTM B338 Grade 1 or 2 standard. So, output current and lifetime of tubular MMO anodes according to the size and environmental conditions are as follows:

Environmental conditions

Anode dimension

(lenght ×Diameter)

Output current


Life time


Soil, Coke and salt water (in 48 × in 3.4) 1220 mm× mm 19 7 25
(19.7 in × in 1)  500 mm × mm 25 4 25
( 39.4 in× in 1)  1000 mm × mm 25 8 25
(in 48 × 1 in)  1220 mm × mm 25 3.5 25
(60 in × 1 in)  1500 mm × mm 25 4.5 25
(48 in× 1.25 in)  1220 mm × mm 31.75 12 25
Sea water ( 48 in× 3.4 in)  1220 mm × mm 19 45 25
(19.7 in × 1 in)  500 mm × mm 25 25 25
( 39.4 in× 1 in)  1000 mm × mm 25 50 25
(48 in × 1.25 in)  1220 mm × mm 31.75 75 25


Ribbon MMO anodes

Ribbon mmo anodes are used for cathodic protection of pipelines and tanks. Titanium base of These anodes are choosed on the requirements of the ASTM B265 Grade 1 standard


sample of BORNA Godaz ribbon mmo anodes


Dimensions, weight of ribbon MMO anodes, maximum current density and lifetime of these anodes are as follows:




width (0.25 in)  6.35 mm
thickness (0.025 in) 0.635 mm
Coil lenght 100 m
Weight lenght 1.5 kg
Region surface of ribbon  0.014m2 Per/m  



Environmental condition

Output current


Approximate Life time


Fine sand 42 50
Concrete 1.5 100

    • Mesh-Ribbon MMO Anodes

Mesh-Ribbon MMO anodes are used to cathodic protection of concrete structures. Titanium substrate of These anodes are choosed on the requirements 



جریان خروجی


طول عمر تقریبی


10 2.75 75
13 3.7 50
3.5 100
15 4.1 50
3.9 75
20 5.6 50
4.9 75
4.7 100

  • Wire MMO anodes


Sample of BORNA Godaz wire mmo anode


Titanium substrate of These anodes are based on the requirements according to ASTM B863 Grade 1 or 2. The output current of wire MMO anodes according to their dimensions are as follows:

Dia. wire


Output current (A/m)
Sea water Salt water Carbon backfill
1.5 3 0.5 0.5
2 4 0.66 0.66
3 6 1 1

    • Mesh MMO anodes

Mesh mmo anodes are usually used to cathodic protection of concrete structures.
Also, BORNA Godaz company has the ability to manufacture various types of MMO anodes according to customer enquiry such as disc, probe, plate and etc.

It should be noted that probe anodes are used in impressed current cathodic protection systems for water boxes, internal surfaces of pipelines, vessels and other industrial applications.

Also, Several common experiments are carried out on mixed metal oxide anodes in our company by corrosion experts, which are as follows:
Eye Examination Test, Electrochemical Test according to NACE TM-0108 and IGS-M-TP22 standard, Galvanic Potential Test according to ASTM-G 71, Pilot cathodic protection test, Electrical resistance of joint position , Investigation of MMO coating adhesion to titanium substrate according to ASTM-D 3359 and IGS-M-TP22 standard.



BORNA Godaz company is proud to receiving credible certificates in the field of quality assurance and sales of mixed metal oxide anodes from various companies and laboratories such as: National Iranian Gas Co., Iranian Offshore Oil Co., Pars Oil & Gas Co., Amir Kabir Color Research Co., Corrosion Laboratory of Tarbiat Modarres University, Iranian corrosion association and etc.


The following documents show typical datasheets of MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) anode made in BORNA Godaz company.  Also, Other informations such as ITP, QCP, OPC, chemical and electrochemical reports according to NACE TM0108 and certificates have shown here.


Technical Documents of BornaGodaz MMO Anode

Datasheet Sample of BornaGodaz Tubular MMO Anode for cathodic protection of buried metal structures in soil or submerged in water

 Datasheet Sample of BornaGodaz Tubular (String type) MMO Anode

Datasheet Sample of BornaGodaz Wire MMO Anode for Cathodic Protection of Metal Structures such as Tank floors, Pipeline & Concrete structures

Datasheet Sample of BornaGodaz Ribbon MMO Anode for cathodic protection of pipelines and tanks

Chemical Analysis & ALT Test Report (According to NACE TM0108 Standard) of BornaGodaz Tubular MMO Anode

Chemical Analysis & ALT Test Report of BornaGodaz Wire MMO Anode

Chemical Analysis & ALT Test Report of BornaGodaz Ribbon MMO Anode

Manufacture Approval of BornaGodaz MMO Anode by IOOC Company

Inspection Release Note of BornaGodaz Tubular MMO Anode by POGC Company




BornaGodaz MMO Anode Catalogue - Persian Version





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