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Electrowinning is a means by which the metals from waste water streams are recovered in order for these metals to be re-used or sold. In the electrowinning industry, lead dioxide anode and Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) anode are the two common choices. However, the lead dioxide anode is found of these disadvantages: heavy environmental pollution, high energy consumption, fragile, lead waste, hardly to produce into various shapes, coating is easily to drop off. With environmental concerns increasing and pollution stringent control, MMO anodes become widely used in the metal electrowinning industry since this MMO anode for metal electrowinning offer a cleaner alternative and significant power savings over lead dioxide anode.


This MMO anodes are exclusively used in the metal recovery system. The system is composed of MMO anodes that are immersed in a fluidized bed of non-conducting particles (inert glass beads). The metal recovery system is used for the efficient recovery of metals from dilute solutions where conventional electrolysis cannot be considered.


The metals that can be recovered by this method are copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn) and cobalt (Co), and used in the recovery of cyanide-based electrolytes of gold (Au), silver (Ag), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn) and cadmium (Cd)- cyanide is electrochemically destroyed, due to the enhanced anode efficiency. Different metals plate out at different voltages so application if the different voltages will allow all metals to be recovered from a mixed metal effluent.


Bornagodaz manufactures MMO anode which have gained acceptance in the Metal Electrowinning Industry. Bornagodaz is able to supply MMO anodes and the recoating and repair service for anodes used for this industry.

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