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With concerns about the environment on the rise the control on waste water, specifically from industry, is under much more stringent control. With the demand for cleaner water that is discharged into the environment, more effective water treatment is now necessary. We, at Bornagodaz, respond to those needs by supplying our customers with Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) anode that perform efficiently in the application of electrochemical waste water treatment. Not only are MMO anodes used in industrial waste water treatment, but they are also used in applications such as process water treatment, the treatment of potable water, water disinfection (for use in the food industry) and extreme water disinfection for the supply of ultra-pure water.


MMO anodes are also used in numerous Electrolytic Organic Destruction (EOD) systems, which offer an alternative to other conventional industrial wastewater and process water treatment methods. EOD’s are also known to reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand, COD (a measure of the amount of organic compounds in water), and Biological Oxygen Demand, BOD (amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic biological organisms in a body of water). Furthermore, other applications making use of MMO anodes involve the treatment of waste water containing inorganic contaminants, such as cyanide and nitrates.


MMO anodes are also used for Sodium Hypochlorite Production. The sodium hypochlorite can be obtained by electrolysis salt solution. The sodium hypochlorite has been widely used to disinfect drinking water, sanitary wares, dish wares, fruits and vegetables. Due to the simple facility and obvious disinfection effects; the hypochlorite generator has been extensively valued. Sodium hypochlorite generator is a device that the salt water of low concentration is electrolyzed by electrodes, electrochemical reaction happens and it generates sodium hypochlorite finally. we are very professional and skilled manufacturer of MMO anodes for sodium hypochlorite generator. Here gives an example of electrolytic cell and MMO anode.


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According to the practical requirements, the MMO anodes are changeable. The various anodes manufactured by Bornagodaz and used in these processes and systems are very often designed and developed together with our customers. We strive to ensure that our anode coating formulations and coating loadings are efficient and effective for any application.

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