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Platinized Titanium Anode

Monday, 14 May 2018 00:00

Titanium platinum titanium anodes are made from two parts of base metal and coating. Titanium is used as a base metal and a very thin layer of platinum is applied on it. Titanium acts as anode and conductor body and platinum cover as an active component of the anode. The base metal can be used in various shapes such as bars, tubes, laces and more. The usual thickness of the platinum cover is about 2.5 microns, but if these anodes are used in harder environments, this thickness should be increased to about 5 microns.
The thickness of the platinum cover and the density of the anode current yields the useful life of the anode. The maximum voltage in the anode zone and the environment in clay ion environments should not exceed 8 volts, because higher voltages may allow local corrosion of the unclosed parts of the anode. Titanium platinum anodes should not be used in fluoride-containing environments because titanium dioxide is dissolved in these environments and anodic fluids can not protect the base metal.
The output current density and the rate of platinase titanium anodes are as follows:


Property Amount
maximum output current density A/m2 3000
relevant output current density A/m2 1000 - 100
consunption rate

g/A.Year 0.01

(at A/m2 550)

The main advantage of platinizing titanium anodes is that they can work at very low consumption rates at high current densities. Also, these anodes are lighter and smaller than conventional anodes



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