Zinc Anode for hull

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Zinc Anode

BORNA GodazSupply the highest quality zinc anodes having a driving potential of 250 mv against protected steal at normal ambient sea water temperature. Zinc anode should not be used for above 50 C medium temperature, however the driving potential will be reduced when the temperature increased. Our supplied anodes perform reliably in seawater and seabed mud with resistivity up to 1000 ohm.cm .

Modern zinc anodes used for cathodic protection are made from high purity zinc (99.99%) alloyed with aluminum and cadmium. The levels of lead, iron and copper are strictly under control.

Typical Applications

  • Submarine pipelines                                       
  • Offshore structures
  • Quay walls
  • Marine applications
  • Ballast tanks
  • Storage tank internals
  • Water tanks
  • Ships hulls

Zinc chemical composetion
Element Alloy Type1 Alloy Type2
Aluminum (%) 0.10 - 0.5 0.005 max
Copper (%) 0.005 max 0.002 max
Iron (%) 0.005 max 0.0014 max
Lead (%) 0.006 max 0.003 max
Cadmium (%) 0.07 max 0.003max
All others (%) 0.02 max 0.012 max
Zinc (%) Remainder Remainder



Eletrical Properties Environment
Sea water Sediuments
Electrochemical capacity (Ah/Kg) 780 700
Closed circuit potential (V) -1.00 -0.95
(Respect to Ag/Agcl reference electrode)
Efficiency (%) 85 85

The capacity of zinc remains almost constant despite changes in operating current density and it is particularly useful when employed in conjunction with well coated structures where low operating currents will be required during the first years of the system life.

BORNA Godazzinc anodes can be made in various shapes &size to suit individual applications. They normally have steel-bar or rod cores for attachment to the structure by welding, or either bolts & clamps.

The following drawings show typical zinc anodes fromBORNA Godaz. However we can supply other shapes and size to customer's own requirement.

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