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Monday, 14 May 2018 00:00
  • Band box

Generally, Bond boxes are used in pipeline cathodic protection system in order to connect the trans-rectifier cables to the anodes and tubes. potential of pipeline relative to the soil, pipeline current, wander current of passing through the pipeline, resistance of the insulated fittings and other can be measured Through the bond box equipment.
BORNA Godaz bondboxes are made of steel sheets on demand of customers. these sheets can be produced with different shapes by 2 or 3 mm thickness and 400*200*150 or 380*300*150 dimensions by IP54 process.


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Pieces and various parts of band boxes are as follows:

*  Four resin insulated brass terminals are used for the four-terminal bondbox. Also, eight resin insulated brass terminals are used for the eight-terminal in the box.

*  Two or three copper belts has shown to connect the terminals to each other in 4-terminal bondbox and 8 copper belts are used in order to eight to connect terminals to each other in the 8-terminal bondbox.

*  Two suitable hide joint are installed on body. This equipment cause increasing of safety factor and preventing of theft.

*  The screw nuts of the door mount are made of claw type.

  •    a plastic tape is binded around edge of the door which ensures IP54 sealing.

So, a plate with 3mm thickness and dimensions of 300 × 125 mm are installed in the bottom part of box in accordance with standard of galvanized screws.

  • Test Point

The potential of pipeline can be measured relative to the soil by this euqipment. BORNA Godaz Test points are made in different types on demands of customer. Also, test stand is made of an iron pipe with a diameter of 75, 100 or 150 mm according to request. Shadow is made from iron sheet with thickness of 2 or 3 mm.




different Segments and parts of bornagodaz testpoint are as follows:

*  1, 2 or 4 brass terminals (suitable brass screws and nuts) are installed inside the test point as request.

*  three iron bars are placed on the base bottom as a tent in order to install inside the Concrete structures.

*  a suitable hole is provided at the bottom of iron pipe base for convenient entrance and exit of cable.

  • Marker

This equipment as a cathodic protection accessory is used for indicating pipeline scanning, initial and final locations of cathodic protection bed. The marker base is made of an iron pipe with 75, 100 or 150 mm diameter as request. A canopy is made iron sheet with 2 or 3 mm thickness in order to prevent degradation of paint due to sunlight and corrosion problems.

BORNA Godaz company can use following methods as coating or painting of bond box, testpoint and markers:

*  Hot galvanized

*  Special furnace colors with a phosphate or chromate coating.

*  Special epoxy or alkyd colors with sandblast coating.

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BORNA Godaz Company was established on the path of development of BORNA Electronic activities in the field of cathodic protection in 2004. ...



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