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Aluminum Anode

Wednesday, 23 January 2019 00:00

Aluminum Anode

BORNA Godaz aluminum anodes are specially formulated for cathodic protection system application in sea water, seabed mud and higher resistivity waters . Aluminum anodes are sacrificial type anodes  having an electro-chemical property that makes them suitable for cathodic protection systems with driving voltage of 300 mv against protected steal and rather three times the capacity of zinc anodes. this anodes are capable of achieving high output capacity in mud and brackish water of resistivity up to 150 Ohm cm.

Drawback of pure aluminum is passivating, an oxide film can develop on the surface of the aluminum ingot that makes the material passive. Aluminum alloy sacrificial anodes have been developed so that one or more of the alloys disrupts the protective oxide layer and makes the alloy anodic to promote even corrosion when the anode is placed in the electrolyte.

Typical Applications

  • Offshore Structures 
  • Marine Structures
  • Sheet Pile Walls
  • Submarine Pipelines
  • Tank Internals
  • Shipping

TheBORNA GodazAluminum Alloy Anodes are made from the highest purity aluminum ingot to conform to the following material composition:

Aluminum chemical composition    
Element Alloy Type 1 Alloy Type 2 Alloy Type 3
Zinc (%) 0.30 - 0.05 0.30 - 6.0 2.5 - 5.75
Indium (%) ---- ---- 0.015 - 0.040
Hg(%) 0.30 - 0.05 0.35 - 0.5
Cadmium (%) ---- ---- 0.002 max
Silicon (%) 0.11 - 0.21 0.11 - 0.21 0.12 max
Iron (%) 0.13 max 0.13 max 0.09 max
Copper (%) 0.006 max 0.006 max 0.003 max
All others (%) 0.02 max 0.02 max 0.02 max
Aluminum (%) Remainder Remainder Remainder





Eletrical Properties Environment
Sea water Sediments
Electrochemical capacity (Ah/Kg) 2000 1500
Closed circuit potential (V) -1.05 -0.95
(Respect to Ag/Agcl reference electrode)
Efficiency (%) 90 90

BORNA Godazaluminum anodes can be made in various shapes &size to suit individual applications. They normally have steel-bar or rod cores for attachment to the structure by welding, or either bolts & clamps.

The following informations show typical datasheets of Aluminum anode made in BORNA Godaz company.  Also, Other informations such as ITP, QCP and certificates has shown here.

Datasheet Sample of BornaGodaz Bracelet Aluminum Anode

Datasheet Sample of BornaGodaz 2 Holes Aluminum Anode

Datasheet Sample of BornaGodaz Aluminum Anode Trapezius shape

Datasheet Sample of BornaGodaz Jacket Aluminum Anode (Offshore Industry)

Datasheet Sample of BornaGodaz Sphere Aluminum Anode

Chemical Analysis Sample of BornaGodaz Aluminum Anode

Aluminum Anode ITP (Inspection test plan)

Aluminum Anode QCP (Quality test plan)

ACS Certificate

ICS Certificate

Aluminum Anode Casting Line

Aluminum Anode Casting Furnace

Amirkabir Aluminum Anode

Aluminum Anode Sadra Project

Aluminum Anode Sadra Project _ Installation

Aluminum Anode KEPCO Project



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BORNA Godaz Company was established on the path of development of BORNA Electronic activities in the field of cathodic protection in 2004. ...



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